What's the best part of Christmas?

Of course there are as many answers to that question as there are people. We all have our favourite traditions and memories. We are all drawn to different sights and smells as part of the allure of this special time of year.

But as our Christmas Message portrayed, the best thing about Christmas is really the first six letters. Take Christ away and you have no light in the darkness, no hope, no giving, no grace. And no historical moment in history from which a celebration like Christmas might come.

He will save His people from their sins.

Worst of all, take Jesus Christ away and you have no Saviour. That's what Christmas is all about. The bible says that Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners. What a wonderful message of hope as we near the end of 2020. The sin that you and I have, that causes angst in your heart, dysfunction in the world and separates us from our creator God - that sin can all be forgiven. Is there a greater gift than that? A Saviour has come to meet our deepest need - He came so that He could cleanse your heart, heal the brokenness in the world and restore us into enjoying the relationship we were made to have with God.

He Gave His Life

This year has reminded us just how fragile life is. We have all gone to great lengths to protect life. But when it comes to our spiritual life, there is nothing that we can do, of ourselves. The bible tells us that we are without strength. We needed God Himself to come and lay His life down on our behalf. And this is what He has done. It is almost too remarkable for words right? It turns all our ideas about religion upside down. All our ideas about good works and charity, self-effort and winning favour with God - inside out. Instead, the bible says, that it is by grace that we are saved, and that not of yourselves, it is a gift of God. You cannot earn forgiveness, else we wouldn't have needed Christ to come in the first place.

Enjoy the Best Part of Christmas Yourself

We all know how to receive a gift - with open hands and open heart. But when it comes to the matter of our broken relationship with God, we all have our own ideas. Either we don't actually want to acknowledge our sin or if we do we don't want to accept God's terms. And God's terms are non-negotiable. So accept His gift with open hands and open heart. Stop trying, and just trust. Turn from your sin, your pride, turn to Christ who was born to save you, died on the cross for you, raised again the third day (what the bible calls repentance). You can enjoy this best part of Christmas yourself. No counting down the days - just as you read these words - turn to Christ now and trust in His work for you. This really would be the best Christmas for you ever.

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