The past few months have been filled with fear. Fear of illness, fear of livelihood and fear of death. What if there was a remedy? What if there was a way to remove fear altogether?

God has a remedy. It isn’t a self-help strategy and it’s not an expensive therapy - it’s a God given gift of grace. But it starts with identifying the cause of fear - something the bible calls sin. Perhaps just mentioning sin makes you fearful?

You’re not alone. Sin is the ultimate cause of all suffering and sin’s ultimate pay-out is death. Worse than that, sin separates us from a holy God. Mentioning sin should make us fearful. So what can you do? 

Well, you and I can’t be part of the remedy. In a way that makes sin even more fearful. But they say you must face your fears - and we must face this reality. Only then do we see our need of God’s gift.

God’s remedy is His perfect love. Though we may fear God’s judgement, we must embrace his perfect love. Jesus Christ was the perfect man who in perfect love, faced sin and its fearful punishment so that you and I don’t have to. He died for our sins and rose again the third day for our deliverance.

Does your sin make you fearful? It will without God’s remedy, but Christ has died and taken the punishment for sin so that now, your fear can be cast out. And he’s offering you freedom right now - by simple, glorious grace.

Friend - face your biggest fear - the awful reality of your sin. Run to God, accept Christ as the one who died in your place and know true joy, freedom and remedy. This last year has thrown some pretty tough things our way - but to be right with God, is to be ready for anything.

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